October 14 - 16 / 2016 With Guest Speaker - Daniel Winkler Daniel Winkler
Friday, Oct - 14* Members only foray to collect specimens for the cooking demonstrations on Saturday,Oct 15th
and Sunday, Oct 16th

* Daniel Winkler Presentation @ Roberts Creek Hall, Friday, October 14th, 7- 9:30 pm;
Presentation: “Flavourful, Fancy and Foul Fungi“ , $10 at the door
website: http://mushroaming.com/Flavorful_Fancy_Foul_Fung
Saturday, Oct - 158th Annual Mushroom Festival, Maderia Park Hall
11am – 4pm Mushroom displays, vendors, cooking demonstrations; mushroom related activities.
Sunday, Oct - 16Public Foray with Daniel Winkler 11 am-12:30pm followed up by a cook-up of local edibles 1:30-4pm. Thirty participants. Price $30.00 per person.
Monday, Oct - 17Festival Volunteer’s Only Appreciation Foray with Daniel Winkler. 10AM -1 pm. Location TBA

Join us for the 8th annual Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival, October 14 – 16 (2016).
Our Mushroom show is Saturday, October 15, at the Community Hall in Madeira Park and our guest speaker is Daniel Winkler.

Please visit Daniel’s Website to learn more about his work.


Daniel Winkler Bio



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