October 13 - 15 / 2016 With Guest Speaker - Brian (Bush-man) Lee

Welcome to the 2017 Mushroom Festival Information Page

2017 Mushroom Festival Events in Detail
Members Only Foray
10 am ● Location TBA

To collect specimens for the show and cooking demonstrations on Saturday, Oct 14th & 15th. One or more forays will be conducted by experienced foray leaders in preparation for the upcoming festival. One or more emails will be sent out to members with details including starting times and places. Stay tuned!

Feature Presentation, 7:00 PM ● Roberts Creek Hall

Feature Presentation “Wilderness Survival 101”
Presenter: Brian (Bush-man) Lee
Where: Roberts Creek Hall: 7pm-10 pm
Admission: 10$ at the door

Details: Brian is an experienced ‘Bushman” and has worked as a Paramedic, Worked at Tactical Emergency Medical Services, Survival Skills Trainer and as consultant on several movies and TV productions. Brian is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter, with a wealth of “Bush-craft” knowledge and common sense approaches to surviving on your own in the woods. Brian regularly teaches a one or two day survival course of which he will provide an overview in his Friday night presentation. He will have on display some of the many items he has made to help you survive in the woods. Brian will be on site, all day at the Mushroom Show on Saturday, October 14th, to answer any questions you may have. Doors open at 7 pm, presentation begins at 7:30 to 10pm.


Saturday, Oct – 14, 11am – 4pm ● Maderia Park Hall 9th Annual Mushroom Show

Admission to the hall will be $5 per person, and will include a chance to win one of the numerous prizes in the raffle. Additional tickets for the raffle will be on sale during the show at a cost of $2 per ticket.

Hundreds of mushrooms have been identified and are on display for everyone to view. There will also be vendors, mushroom cooking demonstrations, fabric dying using mushrooms and other mushroom related activities. Join us!

Sunday, Oct – 15 11:00 am – 4:00 pm ● Guided Foray and Mushroom Tasting  ● Location TBA
Price $30.00 per person.
Registration Begins Oct 1 / 2017



On Sunday, SCSHROOM is offering a guided mushroom foray, accompanied by several of our local mushroom experts and enthusiasts. Our foray leaders will take you on a hike to find, identify and pick common and delicious examples of our local fungi. The foray will begin at 11 am sharp. Following the foray, we will meet in one of our local community halls to taste some of your finds from 1:30 to 4 pm. The foray will go, rain or shine, so be prepared for either. Bring hat, gloves, warm clothing in layers, sturdy shoes, a lunch and something to drink. Optional items are a knapsack, basket, knife, walking stick, and camera.

This is always a very popular event and sells out early. The cost is $30 per person, limited to a maximum of 30 participants.



Brian (Bush-Man) Lee

picture of brian lee mushroom expert

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