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Executive Positions 2015-2016

President – Duane Sept
Treasurer – Ann Harmer
Membership – Karen Wells
Secretary – Dave Piasta
Library – Dorothy Gonzalez
Foray Coordinator – Dave Piasta
Member at Large – Dave Beauchesne
Member at Large – Dann Zealley
Webmaster – Braden Blackmon

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  • If a Mushroom Picker Falls in the Forest November 15, 2017
    If a mushroom picker falls in the forest, do the mushrooms hear, and if they do, do they cheer?  That was the comment that Chris, my walking partner and wife of 43 years made this morning. Why may you ask did she ask that question? Well, we were on our morning walk up the road […]
    David Piasta
  • What an Unusual Season November 2, 2017
    What an Unusual season it has been. I have to say, that in looking back over the last several years,  this mushrooming season has been the worst I can remember. I looking back at some of my Facebook posts and complaints I had made about pickings being “poor” in previous years, none of them compare […]
    David Piasta
  • Mushroom Foray Etiquette October 18, 2017
    Mushroom Foray Etiquette The festival has come and gone, the rains have begun and there are signs that the fungi may be starting to show up.  The spots that have, for the last few years, always been dependable places  I could find some of my favorite species are late.  Some are between 2 and 4 […]
    David Piasta
  • Rain-O -Rain-O September 10, 2017
    Rain-o-By Chilliwack 1970… What a great song by a great Canadian band and from the west coast too!!!I loved and still love this band, and it was the album cover from one of their records that made me want to migrate west from the prairies in 1973.  Actually I don’t think it was the album […]
    David Piasta
  • SCSHROOM 8th Annual Festival October 1, 2016
    SCSHROOM  FESTIVAL 2016 UPCOMMING EVENTS Events (Forays, Shows, Meetings, Presentations & More)   Friday, Oct – 14 10:00 AM ● Location TBA Members Only Foray(s) – to collect specimens for the show and cooking demonstrations on Saturday, Oct 15th & 16th.  One or more forays will be conducted by experienced foray leaders in preparation for the upcoming […]
    David Piasta